IMG_3562On Saturday mornings, our green thumb volunteers gather to tend the Katharine Hepburn Garden. Not all possess a knowledge of plants, but all  love the garden and the serenity it brings.  Report to co-captains Anne, Kim or Bob. Just show up before noon on any Saturday. Gardening is healthy and the Katharine Hepburn Garden is unique–take a walk in the woods and see stepping stones engraved with quotes of the 4-time Oscar winner.

Complaints? Bring them on!

Help promote park safety, quality of life and cleanliness. Calls to 311 and 911 provide the metrics for response and better  city services.
Call 311 to report litter problems, loitering, panhandling, cracked pavement, dead tree limbs.
Call 911 to report drug activity, prostitution, disorderly behavior, and life-threatening situations.