Complaints? Bring them on!

Help promote park safety, quality of life and cleanliness. Calls to 311 and 911 provide the metrics for response and better  city services.
Call 311 to report litter problems, loitering, panhandling, cracked pavement, dead tree limbs.
Call 911 to report drug activity, prostitution, disorderly behavior, and life-threatening situations.

2 thoughts on “Complaints? Bring them on!

  1. Dear Sirs/Madams,
    There is a sickening smell (like sewage excrement) coming from the park. We work in Albano building which is adjustment to the park and the smell reached even 15th floor. It’s nauseating and extremely uncomfortable.
    I suspect it’s coming from the mulch used in the park.
    Is there a way to use better quality mulch that doesn’t smell so much? Or maybe cover it or mask the smell until it dissipates?
    Thank you!

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