Bottle Art Sponsored by The Family School

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Six hayracks on the lampposts at the center of the Plaza feature an eye-catching art display by Tim Thyzel comprised of recycled plastic beverage bottles transformed into abstract flower shapes. Thyzel’s work evokes vegetation, blossoming and growth while playing with the notion of natural and artificial. Drawing inspiration from found objects, previous works include portable grass parks, construction cone water fountains and chairs constructed out of street equipment. His work has been exhibited at Queens Museum of Art, Socrates Sculpture Park and in the Art in Odd Places Sign festival. He teaches at the a School, NYC.

Sponsored by our good neighbor, The Family School, the exhibit remains on display throughout the summer.Curated by Laura Mylott Manning, the “Bottles in Bloom” exhibit draws attention to creative recycling of disposable plastic bottles. FDHP wants to draw attention to the environmental cost of bottled water and encourage the public to drink New York City tap water, which is more tightly regulated and more stringently tested according to a comprehensive study by the National Resources Defense Council. Disposable plastic beverage bottles pollute waterways and oceans, blight beaches, kill wildlife, and pose a risk to public health.

“The display uses the park as an educational platform to convey an environmental message,” noted Sherrill Kazan, president of Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.
“In the past, we wrestled with the financial burden of filling the plaza’s twenty-six lamppost baskets,” she explains. Artificial flower arrangements seemed counter-intuitive, and the expense of servicing real plants with daily watering proved cost prohibitive. “This year, we decided to do something different that makes a statement and encourages public dialogue.”
Refillable metal water bottles bearing our logo are offered to all who make a donation of $10 or more to Friends of DHP at our hospitality booth and future events.