No Salon Theatre Today (7/9), Here’s What’s Coming

Even though skies are clearing, presenter TERI BLACK (Break A Leg Productions) could  not risk the safety of her cast with pop-up thunderstorms and late last night (7/8/2020) bowed out of the Friday (7/9) Salon performance. Coordinating an outdoor  production is no easy task, and all the Salon  presenters, including Pink Moose Cafe, have been troopers, committed to bringing our community together in the park we love.

It’s all about building relationships. Just today, FDHP  received a donation and the note: “This lovely park helped me get through this difficult year. I’m even happier there’s Pink Moose & live entertainment now. keep it coming!” 

Next week’s Salon, July 15, 6 PM , (rain date 7/16) NOA BORNSTEIN  entertains us with a family-friendly talk about the evolution of Peace Gorilla introduced by FDHP President SHERRILL KAZAN, who plays a lead role  in bringing sculpture  to the Plaza under NYC Parks’ Art in the Parks program. Noa Bernstein loves the interaction that public art offers and welcomes children to her lively talk Going Ape”. Her  public art projects include large murals in NYC and LA  and animal sculptures. 

July 22 Salon Talk, 6 PM Park Architecture and Gardens, presents NYC park architect GEORGE VELLONAKIS  and  the architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, designers of the stunning United Arab Emirates building, which now overlooks the retaining wall of the Katharine Hepburn Garden, contributing elegance to the  landscape. 

July  29, 6 PM: PAMELA HANLON’S  Salon Talk about Turtle Bay has been rescheduled for the last Thursday in  July when  directors of Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza  and the Turtle Bay Association join up for a grand finale celebration of our community. 

Enjoy the Garden’s Reopening: Now that the UAE construction fence has been removed, you can walk the entire garden path  and enjoy the engraved stepping stones bearing quotes  by Katharine Hepburn.  Volunteers have been pruning and weeding under the guidance of Parks Gardener Maria Mendez  and plantsman Robert Soret.  New signage  and work on the foot path is underway. 

State of NYC Parks: Now that the City’s budget has been passed and we have a new Mayor, stay tuned  for news about the general state of NYC parks,  the impact on our neighborhood, and Dag Hammarskjold Plaza.   

We appreciate your interest and look forward to a great summer in  Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. We welcome your feedback: email 



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Salon Theatre Changed to Friday 7/9 due to Thursday Stormy Weather

The staged reading presented by Teri Black, Break A Productions, will take place on Friday, 6 PM, at Pink Moose Cafe. Hopefully, the showers will run their course, leading to clear skies as we move into the weekend.

Arrive early on Friday to purchase “Grab & Go” sandwich/salad combo and take your seat. It’s gonna be a fun show with lively staged readings of Dog Park and Home.

Advance Picnic Box Orders Discontinued for Salon Talks. Now “Grab & Go” before Show

Another rainy forecast for our second Salon Talk–both Thursday 7/8 and Friday 7/9 (rain date) has prompted cafe management to discontinue advance sales of picnic boxes and instead  offer  a “grab and go”  sandwich, salad and beverage for sale before the show.

We will announce cancellation due to weather by 10 AM of scheduled date and post to website. The Salon series  is a new program  and we are working out the kinks in  order to  present an engaging series that celebrates our neighborhood and the park that brings our community together. 

All who ordered picnic boxes will be issued a full refund for the amount of purchase. Please allow ample time for cafe to process.

Rain Cancels July 1 Salon Talk & Picnic

Due to thunderstorms forecast for 6 PM today with continuing rain and flash flooding through Friday, we regret to inform you that the July 1 Salon Talk and Picnic has been cancelled and will NOT take place on July 1 or July 2. 

REFUND: All who ordered picnic boxes will receive a full refund for their purchase from the Pink Moose Cafe. (Please allow adequate time for cafe management  to process.)

SALON TALK: Featured speaker Pamela Hanlon will be rescheduled for the last Thursday in July or at a later date. 

We regret this inconvenience, but we must make decisions based on safety and the time required for food prep and equipment set up.  We appreciate your interest and look forward to a great summer in  Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. 

Sherrill Kazan, President & Anne Hersh, Development Director

Salon Talks at 6 PM with Cafe Picnic, Thursdays in July

We’re excited to tell you about our first two Cafe Salon Talks featuring neighborhood notables and a pre-paid picnic box full of tasty goodies and ready for pickup before each show. All food sales are advance order only so the one-hour programs can start at 6 PM. Keep scrolling for the full scoop!

“Getting to Know You, Turtle Bay”

Thursday, July 1. Pamela Hanlon is the author of Manhattan’s Turtle Bay and A Worldly Affair, which explores the relationship between New York City and the UN, but “don’t expect a book talk,” says the long-time Turtle Bay resident, who will chat about neighborhood landmarks and local history with behind-the-scene stories, including interviews with luminaries like Broadway composer Stephen Sondheim, a Turtle Bay resident. Pamela has given numerous talks and tours of the area and regards Dag Hammarskjold Plaza as a  neighborhood  treasure. 

Thursday, July 8,  Teri Black, Break a Leg Productions. An actress and producer, Teri brings a wealth of theatrical experience to our second Salon Talk, presenting two staged readings of short plays by LA writer Scott Mullen, directed by Valerie Adami Juhlin and brought to life by a professional cast of four actors. Teri loves Dag Plaza…it’s right across the street from her apartment. 

DOG PARK: Anthony and Kelly meet at a dog park and might have more in common than their Jack Russell Terriers. 

HOME: A woman tries to convince her mother-in-law to move in with her and her family, even though they dislike each other.

Cast: Teri Black, Elisa London, Sean Phillips and Sara Taylor, all members of Actor’s Equity Association. For more about the Break a Leg Productions, click here 

Now that’s value! A show and a picnic. $10 includes sandwich (4 choices), beverage (4 choices), salad, chips and a cookie, a great value! Your picnic box(s) will be ready for pick-up on the program date(s) you select. Please arrive at 5:45 PM, claim your order and take your seat so sessions can start on time. You will know it ‘s time to be seated when the bells of the Holy Family Church ring at 6 PM. 


JULY 1 Sorry, Window to order has closed

JULY 8 Sorry, the Cafe discontinued this offer as of July 6 due to the cost of perishables and labor when inclement weather cancels event. All who purchased in advance will be issued a refund by Pink Moose Cafe.

RAIN DATES:  Salon takes place the following day. Visit our website for last-minute announcements if summer showers have you guessing. 

We welcome your feedback: email 

Jazz on the Terrace & Cafe Salon Talks

Join Friends on Thursdays, 6 PM to 7 PM, starting with the June 24 concert and following in July with Salon Talks featuring Turtle Bay notables and New Yorkers in the know. 

To turbocharge your Afro-Peruvian Jazz groove, the Pink Moose is offering specialty roasted Peruvian coffee on its menu for Corina Barthose concert. Cafe tables reserved for customers; open seating on the benches.

SALON TALKS & PINK MOOSE PICNIC BOX: Check this site every week for announcements about the upcoming Salon Talk with a link to advance purchase a Pink Moose picnic box @$10  that guarantees cafe seating. This convenience enables us to start each program on time. Of course, there’s open seating on the benches and seating wall.

Jazz Concert at Dag’s Pink Moose Cafe, June 24, 6 PM


Enjoy sensual rhythms of Afro-Peruvian Latin Jazz with the CORINA BARTRA SEXTET on the Garden Terrance. Cafe tables reserved for customers; open seating on the benches. This blend of intoxicating rhythms will have you moving and grooving to a caffeine high. (Of course, if you prefer decaf, the Pink Moose will provide.)

Corina Bartra is a singer, composer, orchestra leader and recording artist. She is widely known in jazz circles as an acclaimed pioneer of Afro-Peruvian jazz with infusions of Latin trends.

Join Friends to celebrate our “coming out party” as public space plays a vital role in New York City’s renewal.

Peace Gorilla Sculpture Welcomes All, including the Blind and Visually Impaired

“Public art is for everyone,” says artist Noa Bornstein, who recently  attached a tactile QR code linked to an audio recording on the base of her  bronze sculpture on display in the historic UN gateway, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, through August. “Many venues  discourage visitors from touching objects of art, but Peace Gorilla welcomes human touch.” 

The gorilla’s outstretched arm elicits “high-fives” from  park visitors while kids delight in climbing  on her  body. The word “Friend” is cast in 90 languages on the concrete base, and Bornstein is always exploring  ways to engage the public through playful interaction. 

To make the popular sculpture user-friendly to the blind and visually impaired, Bornstein consulted with disability specialists. Then during a week of Earth Day celebrations, three visually impaired musicians from the Lions Club LB Band, escorted by Joy Bieder, a Certified Orientation and Mobility specialist, assembled on a bench next to Peace Gorilla  and after a spirited drum session, held  their cell phones to the  tactile QR code and listened to Bornstein’s recorded  description.  Julie Spodnick, a Certified Vision Rehab Teacher assisted. She and  Joy Bieder  also work for VISIONS/Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. 

Lions Club LB Band: Musicans Robert Weeks, Alex Barrera, Braulio Thorne

What’s next? A label in Braille and English will be mounted next to the  tactile QR code, which was  produced in brass by Visual Mechanics, a neighbor of Bornstein’s studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn  

The tactile QR code was suggested by Nitza Danieli, who works as a contract artist educator with the visually impaired at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Bornstein also consulted with Maia Scott, a blind artist and teacher in San Francisco,  and actress Dawn Del Orbe, who records audio guides for museums. The “look but don’t touch” rule is giving way to more inclusive approaches. Some exhibits include “beacons ” that emit pleasant natural sounds to guide the  blind to a location. 

Also on display through August are three sculptures of larger-than-life  human figures by Jim Rennert curated by Sherrill Kazan, president of Friends of Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, in collaboration with NYC Parks Arts & Antiquities. 

“Public art is  a universal language and integral to the city’s renewal. Both exhibits invite public interaction,” says Kazan. “It’s fitting that Peace Gorilla is located in this hub of diversity, a park named after Nobel Peace Laureate Dag Hammarskjold,  the second Secretary General of the United Nations.” 

Dag Hammarskjold Plaza is located on East 47th Street between UN Plaza (1st Ave.) and 2nd Ave, Manhattan. Public art exhibitions are organized through NYC Art in the Parks.

(CLICK ON THIS LINK): Photos and Video – Peace Gorilla Says (


Sculpture: Bronze, 45” h x 48” x 48”, 400 lbs

Base: Concrete, 8” h x 48” x 48”, 400 lbs

On the top of the base, “Friend” in the six official languages of the United Nations appears under the title “Peace Gorilla”followed by the subtitle: “Shalom, Salaam, Tomodachi” (“Hello, Peace, Friend,” in Hebrew, Arabic, and Japanese). These are the words that Bornstein, a perpetual language student, seemed to hear as the gorilla “reached out her arm” during the process of creation. 

The word “Friend” in 90 languages is set into the four sides and top of the base  from templates made by Visual Mechanics. The concrete base was created by Oso Industries with assistance from Wellstone NYC Custom Woodworking—all neighbors of Bornstein in the Greenpoint Manufacturing and Design Center (GMDC). The original gorilla was made of sisal fiber and burlap in structolite and plaster over wire mesh and metal. The bronze casting was produced at Bedi-Makky Art Foundry in Greenpoint Brooklyn, using the traditional French sand-casting method.


Wanted: Food-scraps for Compost

Banana Cutting: Councilman Keith Powers in celebration of Earth Day visits food scrap collection site in Hammarskjold Plaza with (Left) Lia Lucero, LES Ecology Center and (Right) FDHP President Sherrill Kazan.

We have partnered with LES Ecology Center through the NYC Compost Program to bring this environmentally sustainable food-scrap collection program to Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. We provide the the collection site and LES Ecology Center transports the food scraps to East River Park to be transformed into compost. A pioneer in urban composting, The LES Ecology Center operation is new to the Plaza and while this program is no longer part of the Greenmarket, GrowNYC is still involved with bringing awareness about the benefits of composting. Food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard waste comprise 30 percent of New Yorkers trash. By diverting the waste from landfills, the compost builds healthy soils for schools, parks and community gardens.

WHERE: Look for the GREEN BINS  behind Pink Moose cafe and observe the signs which clarify the rules.


  • YES: Fruit and veggies, coffee, tea, nuts, grains and baked goods. 
  • NO: meat, fish or dairy products.  
  • NO: plastics or paper products, and absolutely NO dog poop! 

WHEN: The bins will be open for collection every Wednesday from approximately 8:30 AM to 3 PM. After that, the bins are locked down to deter vermin and misuse until the Ecology Center collects the waste for transport to East River Park Compost Yard for processing. Finished compost is donated to community greening groups. As the program gets underway, more bins will  be added to meet demand. 

We welcome your feedback: email 

Pink Moose Coffee Bar

Whether you crave coffee or tea, you can get your fix at the Pink Moose Cafe, open since early Spring in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza. Concessionaire Bass Fatikih, who also owns the Pink Moose cafe on 1st Avenue and 59th Street, roasts his own coffee, sourcing the finest beans. He has applied for a license to sell beer, wine and sparkling cider. The cafe will increase open hours in June.