What We Do

In August, 1999, when the newly transformed park opened with a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, Anne Saxon-Hersh, president (1993-2003), promised the public that the Plaza would remain as beautiful as the day it opened. Friends has delivered on that promise and more, tending to all the routine maintenance, caring for the garden, and working with organizations like NYC Council on the Environment, which brings us the Greenmarket.

We continue to act as a watchdog and park advocate, pressing city government to allocate sufficient funding to maintain its park system. As it stands, we fill a formidable gap.

Through support from member contributions and grants, we contract maintenance services for:

  • Litter pickup and removal (several times daily)
  • Pressure washing and steam-cleaning of the plaza
  • Fountain cleaning

Improvements and park preservation:

  • Irrigation system for the garden
  • “Skatestoppers” to protect the granite seating wall and prevent accidents
  • Signage to post park rules and regulations
  • Bulletin boards to keep the public informed
  • Renewal and revamping of garden in 2016-2017 with a masterplan

Volunteer Activities:

  • Planting and tending the Katharine Hepburn Garden
  • Events, culture and entertainment
  • Park safety and public hygiene