What’s in Bloom?

Common name: Turtlehead
Genus: (latin) Chelone

Turtlehead  is one of the many new plants installed in the  front border and woodland garden for autumn bloom.  It does not have a  large flower but  its hot pink color makes it easy to spot. The  latin name and genus is Chelone (rhymes with baloney).

Chelone are native American wildflowers that favor boggy areas and the sides of streams but can thrive in just about any partially shaded site with sufficient moisture. Most turtleheads reach a mature height of 2 – 3 ft. and spread 1 – 3 ft. The ‘Hot Lips’ cultivar  has intense pink flowers and glossy leaves

Chelone blooms late summer into fall, remaining  in bloom for 3 to 6 weeks.

Chelone was a nymph in Greek mythology who was tossed into a river for not attending the marriage of Zeus,  and there she was changed into a tortoise. Whether or not you believe the myth, the flowers do seem to resemble a snapping tortoise.